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Computer-assisted Knee Replacement

Computer-Assisted Knee Replacement refers to doing a Knee Replacement surgery with the assistance of an infra-red navigation system.

This system uses infra-red to detect trackers which are placed onto the knee during surgery, and this helps the surgeon make the bone cuts accurately.

Knee Navigation.JPG

Computer-Assisted TKR by Centurion Orthopaedic Centre's Dr Ang

Dr Ang is on the left side of the picture. He is holding a probe in his left hand and there are trackers positioned on the knee. The infra-red sensor and monitor are in the middle of the picture. The surgical assistant is on the right side of the picture.

The infra-red sensor detects the trackers placed on the knee, and displays the feedback on the screen. Based on that, Dr Ang adjusts the positioning and angle of the instruments to achieve very accurate alignment of the implants.  


Example of a TKR done using Computer Assistance.

The left image shows the front view and the right image shows the side view of the implants.

Benefits of doing a TKR with Computer Assistance

Computer Assistance helps surgeons put the implants into the knee with very accurate positioning. This has been shown by medical studies. Accurate positioning of the implants will improve the longevity of the implants, as good positioning reduces uneven mechanical loading on the implants.

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