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How much does a knee replacement surgery cost?

The total cost of a knee replacement surgery in a Singapore private hospital is quite variable. This is due to differences in hospital charges, equipment and implants.  

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Singapore's Ministry of Health (MOH) indicates that the 50th percentile bill amount for a standard Total Knee Replacement surgery is $35,764 (above). This amount generally includes all required components for the hospitalisation episode, including surgeon and anaesthetic fees, implants and equipment costs, and operating room and ward charges. 

Integrated Shield Plans (ISP) offered by Singapore's major insurers do cover Total Knee Replacement surgery and costs. 


Singapore's Ministry of Health (MOH) also indicates that the 50th percentile bill amount for a single bed stay ranges from $32,031 at Mt Alvernia Hospital to $46,472 at Farrer Park Hospital.  

Post-operative costs

Costs after discharge from hospital include consultation, dressing, medications, and physiotherapy costs.
Generally, these items are claimable from ISPs under post-hospitalisation coverage.

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